Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh Craigslist, you so fine!

So, I've been trying to figure out the best way to go about finding or making a loom to do tablet weaving on...
My Mum offered to make one for me, but that would have taken months (since everything she seems to offer to do, takes months).
I could have asked The Boyfriends father to make one, but I felt it would have been a mockery of his wood working skills making something so simple when he can make such wonderful stuff. (Most of the wooden furniture in their house is made by him, and he makes really beautiful things.)
Or, I could have gone online and bought one.
Then I randomly searched "loom" on Craigslist. Hey-ho whaddaya know, someone had a listing with an inkle loom. Now, the guy was also selling off a more common weaving loom, and a few other things, all in one lot for $400...I didn't have $400 to spare, and I didn't want the regular loom he had. So I sent him a message and asked if I could just take the inkle loom. And, lucky me! He said yes! And threw in a book about inkle weaving with it as well.

And this is it! Still warped with the inkle weaving last done it. Looks like it's been like that for a looooong time. I'm working on removing the warp thats on there, so that I can warp it for doing some card weaving instead!

I made my cards on the cheap - I bought a pack of playing cards for the dollar store, and a hole punch, and trimed them down, and punch holes in the corners. Heh. Small, but oh so affordable.

Why am I going to do card weaving instead of inkle weaving? Weeeeelll, SCA says it all.
One of my friends who does SCA stuff, does card weaving for it, and has made some really pretty bands. So, I've been slowly gathering all the materials I need to start. The loom is the last thing I need for now, so I hopefully will be able to start weaving something this evening!

My one problem is....This --->

These threads have been tied here for so long, that they've practically melted together with age.

I'll try using am kitchen knife next and see if I have any sucess with that. Hopefully it works. Wish me luck!

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