Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Knitting, Spinning and Yarnaholism

I am learning to knit. What you see to the right is the first 3...4? Rows of stitching that I've done this afternoon.
Up until this last row that I did, I didn't really like it much...and I can't say I'm knittings biggest fan just now, but it's certainly turning out better than I expected.
I still like crochet much, much more.
I don't think I'll take up knitting for much more than the occasional scarf or basic rectangular shawl.

On a yarnier note, I've got yarn addiction.
I sat down today to take pictures of all the pretty yarn I've been getting recently, to add to ravelry, and realised just how much yarn I have stashed away, that I need to use. Apparently I'm a fan of Vanna's Choice, and pretty much anything thats sparkly and shiney. Oh, and Alpaca. And anything with Alpaca blended into it as well.

I have quite a few non-wool items as well, since my Mother is alergic to Wool. So, I've grown sensetive to the idea that there are people out there who can't handle all the fibres that are out there. So cotton, acrylic, polyester, alpaca, bamboo, linen, etc, are all the alternatve fibres that are finding their way into my stash. I really like the bamboo yarns - so soft! You would never believe that such a hard wood could make such a soft fibre!

Oh, and I have some fibre pictures :D This is beautiful fibre I picked up from Knitopia around the beginning of the month. Lynn, the owner, sells her hand dyed fibre and yarns, as well as all sorts of other beautiful stuff, and this is some of her hand dyed. It's very difficult to photograph, since it has shimmery shiney bits in it. But I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and I had to have some. I haven't dared tried spinning it yet, as I want to master the techniques I've learned first before I try anything with this stuff. It's SO Soft!

And this! I finally took a picture of this! I finished my first handspun several weeks ago! I'm not quite sure what to make of my plying, but I rather like it I think. There isn't much, since it was the fibre that came in the learn to spin kit I bought at Fibres West, but it was certainly nice enough fibre to work with.
What do you think?

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