Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strawberries for Spring

I know this has absolutly nothing to with crafts, but I must share because it's so exciting!

Apparently I was working across the street from a gem of a Farmers Market, and I didn't know it!

I've walked past the Langley Farm Market a bazillion times in the two years I've been working at Chapters, but only today did I stop to actually really take in what they had.
It was the $1.99 sign above the strawberries outside that really got me. Big. Juicy. Succulent. Mouth Watering. Strawberries. That are early!

I called my mother, "Is $1.99 for a pound of strawberries good?" "What?! YES! Buy!"

And then I went inside, and found fresh mangoes, also ridiculously cheap, and got some of them, as well as some dried pineapple. I only spent $5.89, but for that small amount, I got so much! I'll stop by there and get another container before I go to work tomorrow, to share in the staff room.

I had a mangoe and a few strawberries when I got home - and let me say - I haven't had strawberries that good from the states for sooooo long! Normally we wait until the local fruit is ready before we bother buying any, but I guess I really lucked out today! (Oh, and the mango was very good as well!)

On a more crafty note, I've been gathering what I need to start tablet weaving. Three colours of crochet cotten from Micheals, some playing cards from the dollar store, a hole punch....
Now I just have to see if I can get Rods Dad to make me a loom of one type or another, as he is quite the crafty type when it comes to putting wood pieces together. Half the wooden pieces of furniture in their house were made by him.

Still working on figuring out knitting...I tried it out the other night, but when I started the first row, after casting on, I kept dropping stitches, which would force me to start over. I get the basic idea, I just need to keep really good focus on it I guess. I still like crochet better. I drop a stitch, you don't have to frog everything and start over.

Oh, and when I was in Knitopia the other day, I bought a new spindle. Thank you Viking Santa for making beautiful spindles that don't cost $100! I bought a lightweight one that is ideal for lace weight spinning, although I'm not nearly advanced enough to try getting that thin...I've gotten a decent amount spun up on this one, and I like it alot more than the spindle that came in the kit. The photo (Which I have neglected to rotate...) shows the beginnings of the spinning, but I've gotten alot more done since then. I like how theres a groove carved into the shaft. Makes it alot easier to keep the yarn in place.


  1. I didn't realize until this post that you lived in Langley too. Weird coincidence! Maybe I've even bought a book from you in Chapters. One of my friends and I were actually out at Knitopia last Saturday. They have such beautiful yarn, but that store is so dangerous for my wallet!

  2. Hehe, yeah, them having a sale on this month doesn't really help my wallet either! I've spent a good $200 there this month. But they really do have some amazing yarn! So in love with Knitopia!

    It is an interesting coincidence though, that we both live in Langley. :D