Saturday, April 11, 2009

Socks, socks, socks.

I want to make socks.
I keep seeing wonderful, pretty, amazing socks on various blogs and on Ravelry....all knit.
My main problem with this is that I don't knit. And I'm having a oddly hard time finding a pattern for socks that I like that is for crochet! So...perhaps I'll have to try one of the patterns that I've found, see how well I can do it, practice alot, and then make some patterns for myself. More crochet socks! More, more, more!

...On a side note, my hat experiment is sitting beside me, almost done, I just need to finish weaving in the ends, and add an edging to it. It's quite nice, and I added earflaps to it. I'm very pleased that I managed to make a toque without a pattern.

Now, if I can remember to buy some new batteries (all my rechargeable ones seemed to have disappeared since Rod took the Wii to his house for his Mum to use for Wii Fit), so that I can actually use my camera again. So many pictures to take - I have a massive amount of yarn that I've bought over the last two weeks (thanks to Knitopia having a clearance sale....$189 in two weeks, in one shop. $40 was for a second drop spindle, sure, but the rest was ALL YARN!) I need to photograph all that for Rav plus the projects I've been working on.
Perhaps I'll walk to the Co-op tomorrow if it's nice weather (or get my Dad to give me a lift if it's not), and pick up some batteries there...

Happy Easter everyone!

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