Friday, March 27, 2009

Amigurumi World!!

I just received my copy of Amigurumi World, and I must say it's very cute :D I love the little bunny and the lion, I think they're my favorites right now.

I will start working on some projects from it this weekend, and put up some pictures of the end results! (One of my managers actually requested a Hippo...though that will require some creative reworkings of the basic pattern.)

It's a bit late at the moment, however, I was excited about the book, so I wanted to share it!

I have more stuff to share as well, but I will put that up later when I'm more wide awake. :D


  1. There's a tiny hippo pattern in Tamie Snow's Tiny Yarn Animals. I made this one for my mother-in-law. It's a fairly easy pattern and quite cute. I know you may not want to put the money out for another book, but even just looking at it may give you an idea of how you could adapt the Tiny Ami pattern.

  2. I actually found a free hippo pattern here, and I've made one, and I'm in the middle of a second right now.
    Have to say I like the one you found a lot better! It looks like we have some copies of the book in store, so maybe I'll pick up a copy tomorrow :D