Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hats! Cup Warmers!

I've been working on different types of hats, and seeing how well I can make hats that aren't slouchy beret styles....I started working on a pattern for a cloche...except I used some bulky yarn for it, and it came up more like a rasta hat - but it's very comfortable, and I made the area around the ears all single crochet so it would keep the ears nice and warm in the cold weather. I'm making one for one of the managers at work, since she's moving on to a new store that's opening, and since she's my favorite of the managers we have now, I thought it would be a nice gift for her. And I'm using the Alpaca yarn from Bernat - so nice and soft!

And I came up with a simple cup warmer! :D The Boyfriend says their slightly too big for his Tim Hortons cups, so I may adjust the size a little. I will see how they work on a Starbucks cup today. Maybe the current size works well for Starbucks, and a smaller one would be good for Timmy's?

Also working on some scarves to sell in the store later, maybe I'll do some sets. I'll find a pattern for some mittens and make sets with them as well maybe.
I'll probably make some shawls and wraps as well, since spring and summer are coming, so scarves and wintery hats aren't going to be so desirable. :D

I'm thinking of getting the shop up and and running this weekend. I just need to figure out shop policies and shipping rates and I should be all set to go! :D

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